Awards & Recognition

At CM School of Excellence, GIRLS, Nawadih, Bokaro, we believe in fostering an environment where academic achievements, talents, and positive contributions are not only acknowledged but celebrated with utmost enthusiasm. Our annual Awards and Recognition ceremony is a testament to our commitment to recognizing the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of our students. This event serves as a platform to honor excellence, inspire continued dedication, and create a sense of pride within our school community.

Academic Excellence
  • Scholar of the Year: Awarded to the student who has demonstrated exceptional academic performance across various subjects.
  • Subject Mastery Awards: Recognizing students who have displayed outstanding proficiency in specific subjects.

Arts and Culture
  • Fine Arts Achievement Award: Honoring students who have excelled in visual arts, music, or performing arts.
  • Literary Excellence Award: Recognizing outstanding achievement in writing, literature, and communication skills.

Sports and Athletics
  • Athlete of the Year: Awarded to the student who has exhibited exceptional sportsmanship, skill, and dedication to athletic pursuits.
  • Team Spirit Award: Celebrating students who have demonstrated exemplary teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Awards and Recognition ceremony at CM School of Excellence, GIRLS, Nawadih, Bokaro, is not just an event; it's a celebration of the collective efforts, talents, and achievements that make our school community truly exceptional. As we honor our students, we also recognize the dedication of our educators and the support of families in shaping the future leaders and contributors to society. Together, we celebrate a year of growth, learning, and success at CM School of Excellence, GIRLS, Nawadih, Bokaro,.